Q: Why are Australian South Sea Pearls regarded as the best?

A: South Sea Pearls require a huge amount of time and effort to cultivate. Hundreds of people, boats, aircraft and hours go into the production of these beautiful gems. Australian Pearls account for less than 1% of the World’s production. Due to their incredible quality however, they result in 25% of total sales.


Q: What’s the difference between Saltwater Pearls and Freshwater Pearls?

A: Australian South Sea Pearls are grown in the pristine environment of northern Australia. Australian Pinctada Maxima oysters usually produce only 1 Pearl every 2 years and are not treated, dyed or enhanced in any way. Freshwater oysters may produce 30-50 Pearls at a time and they are usually dyed, bleached and treated to improve their appearance.


Q: How are Regent Pearls able to offer Pearls at such great prices compared to others?

A: Regent Pearls source the finest Pearls in wholesale quantities and then sell them direct to the customer. We are an e-commerce store only, which means we have very low overheads and can afford to sell our beautiful Pearls at competitive prices.


Q: Does Regent Pearls have a physical shop in Broome?

A: Regent Pearls is an e-commerce store, however we often display our Pearls at special events, charity auctions and functions. We photograph and video our Pearls in high definition to allow you to see the quality and beauty of the Pearls. Keep an eye on our social media pages to see our Pearls up close!


Q: How do I share a Wishlist with Friends?

A: Once you’ve created your Wishlist, open the settings tab and ensure you’ve clicked on the shared button in the privacy settings. This will allow you to share your lists via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter

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