‘Ancient skills passed down through generations combined with beautiful Pearls’

Regent Pearls is proud to show off the unique craftsmanship and beauty of the Dampier Peninsula, WA with these rare pieces.

Bush String and Pearl Bracelet

Broome Pearl BraceletThese incredibly rare bracelets combine handmade bush string and an Australian South Sea Pearl.
The string was made by Aboriginal elders from the Dampier Peninsula using local Mangrove plants. The string is made using traditional weaving techniques passed on from generation to generation. The string is dyed using the bark of local plants native to the Dampier Peninsula and the string is completed with 18ct Gold Chenier Clasps.
The 13.5mm Pearls are from the Arrow Pearl Farm near Beagle Bay on the Dampier Peninsula. These beautiful Pearls are near round in shape, white in colour with excellent lustre and complexion.
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Leather and Pearl Necklace

Broome Pearl and Leather Necklace

Similar to the bracelets above, these Necklaces are hand made using techniques from the Dampier Peninsula. The necklace are made from local Kangaroo leather formed and dyed using traditional methods. They are completed with Sterling Silver Chenier and Clasp.
They feature 12-13mm Australian South Sea Pearls from the Arrow Pearl Farm.
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Ochre and Pearl earrings

Broome Pearl Earrings

These extremely rare earrings are made from local Dampier Peninsula Ochre and Pearls.
Steve Arrow, owner of Arrow Pearl Company with local Aboriginal elders scoured the area around Beagle Bay to find the perfect coloured ochre rocks. The ochre was then ground down and set in resin to form the earrings. The Pearls, also from Beagle Bay, are the perfect compliment to such a unique set of earrings.
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