Arrow Pearls

The 1970’s:

The Arrow Pearl Company emerged from humble pearl diving origins when 19-year-old Stephen Arrow purchased the Broome pearling lugger DMcD in 1979 with partner Bruce Barker.
Twelve tonne of pearl shell was harvested by divers on the DMcD on a single dive trip in 1979. This was a record for a wooden pearling lugger (for both a single voyage and a season), at a time when mother-of-pearl from the world’s largest pearl shells was in demand for button manufacture.

DmcD 1970

The 1980’s:

In 1980, after successfully receiving an exclusive pearl culture license and obtaining support from Aboriginal Community Elders, the development of a pearl farm began at Beagle Bay, 120 km north of Broome. Stephen pursued involvement in the widespread industry change from mother-of-pearl collection to live pearl culture.
Arrow Pearls Beagle Bay

Transitioning in the mid-eighties from its wooden hulled pearling lugger to a modern steel vessel represented an enormous shift for the company.  With accommodation on the new vessel for divers and pearl technicians and the capacity to transport live pearl shell over long distances, Arrow’s pearling operation thrived.  The government had introduced a quota system to limit the annual collection of pearl shell, protecting the long-term sustainability of a precious marine resource through a carefully managed and regulated fishery. This quota system remains in place today.
The pearling operation in Beagle Bay emerged as a site with high-quality production, producing some of the world’s finest pearls

Regent Pearls is proud to provide the public an opportunity to purchase these incredible jewels from Arrow’s Reserve collection.
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Australian pearls Broome PearlsAustralian Pearls Broome PearlsToday:

Successfully combining good people with local expertise has strengthened Arrow’s reputation as an efficient Kimberley team. With an in-depth understanding of demanding operational environments under and on the water as well as on land.
Arrow remains involved in a number of Kimberley based projects including offshore and coastal commercial marine work, energy and resources business, aquaculture, fisheries, research and development and environmental management projects.

Arrow Pearls now offer accomodation at their remote farm. Bookings can be made on the airbnb website here: Arrow Pearling Base

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Dampier Peninsula MapLow tide - looking back to the Pearl Divers Quarters