How to care for Pearls

How to care for Pearls

Australian South Sea Pearls will last for generations if handled with care.

Here’s a quick guide to caring for your Pearls

1: Store them separately:

It’s best to store Pearls separately from your other jewellery.

Pearls measure 2.5 – 4.5 on Mohs Gemstone Hardness scale. This means that they are safe from damage by fingernails but diamonds, Gold, Silver and other hard objects can scratch the surface of Pearls. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners on Pearls as some models can damage a Pearls surface.

2: Remove them before swimming:  

Chlorine in a pool can degrade the surface of Pearls and submerging a Strand can cause the silk thread to stretch.

3: Put your Pearls on last:  

Chemicals in beauty products can damage Pearls over long periods of time. We recommend wiping them with a soft cloth to remove any contaminants after wear.

“Pearls should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night”.

4: Wear them:

Pearls need humidity and moisture to maintain their lustre. If stored in a low humidity environment such as a safe, we recommend you include a moistened cloth nearby. For larger or more valuable collections of Pearls, a humidor placed in the safe will ensure Pearls remain in perfect condition. For more information, please contact us

5: Take care of the jewellery too:

Whilst Australian Pearls are strong, the jewellery that’s holding them can be damaged if treated poorly. Pearl rings can be damaged if struck against hard objects and the post holding the Pearl may break. Taking care of your jewellery will ensure your beautiful Pearls will maintain their lustre and complexion.

6: Re-string your Strands:

All of our Strands are fixed with silk thread which should last for years. It is advisable to get the Pearls re-strung when the silk is showing signs of wear. Regent Pearls provide a Pearl stringing service, visit our Returns page for more detail.

Follow these tips to care for your Australian Pearls and they will last a lifetime!

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Model wearing Australian Pearls and white shirt sitting on Broome rocks. This page tells you how to care for your pearls


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