Pearl Grading

Pearl grading

Due to the often complex and confusing Pearl grading system surrounding Pearls, Regent Pearls uses the simple terms below.

Regent Pearls Grading Term Description
Gem These are the finest South Sea Pearls available and are flawless to the naked eye. They have excellent lustre, perfect complexion and are usually perfectly round or symmetrical. Usually reserved for the elite of the fashion and jewellery world
AAA These are exceptional Pearls with very high to excellent lustre. They will have a flawless complexion, excellent shape and perfect colour. They are very rare and command very high prices
AA These are excellent Pearls with beautiful lustre and very good to excellent complexion. They are highly sought after and very popular




These are outstanding Pearls with very good to excellent lustre and minimal marks.

Regent Pearls only sell Pearls graded A or higher

Numerous marks, poor complexion, average / poor lustre

When choosing your South Sea Pearls always consider the following values:









Pearls from the Australian Pinctada Maxima can grow larger than other Pearls due to the perfect growing conditions in the remote Kimberly area.

Pearls as small as 8.5mm are available and known as ‘undersize’ They are often used in rings or clustered with other gems in designer jewellery.

The majority of Australian South Sea Pearls range from 9mm–15mm.

Australian South Sea Pearls from 16mm to over 20mm are rarer, highly sought after and widely regarded.

Size is an important factor when choosing Pearls and personal preference is paramount.

Choosing the correct size of Pearl Earrings can be a difficult task and the photos below may assist you in your choice.

Model wearing small stud earrings


Model wearing Pearl stud earrings


Model wearing large stud earring




Pearls are from a living creature and the shapes produced are often varied. As perfectly round Pearls are the rarest and most sought after, they usually command the highest price.

Pearls should be chosen based on personal preference as different shapes appeal to different tastes.

Round Pearls look good in all jewellery, Baroque or Keshi Pearls are chosen for their individuality, drop shaped look great in pendants and button shaped Pearls suit stud earrings.

The choice is entirely yours.


Different Pearl Shapes used for Pearl Grading

Pearl Shapes (from left to right): Round, Near Round, Oval, Drop, Baroque, Circled and Button



Australian Pinctada Maxima Pearls are usually white, silver, ivory, gold or champagne in colour with white being the most valuable.

White South Sea Pearls may also have a secondary colour known as ‘overtone’ which gives a unique look to the Pearl. Common overtone colours are pink (rosé) or green.


Australian Pearl colours

Pearl Colours (from left to right): White, White / Silver, Champagne, Silver, Black and Gold



Perhaps the most important factor when choosing a Pearl is its lustre. Lustre is the natural glow or warmth of the Pearl caused by light reflecting off its nacre.

Similar to a Diamond’s ‘fire’, Pearls are judged by their lustre. A small Pearl with excellent lustre may be more valuable than a large Pearl with poor lustre.

The unique glow of Australian South Sea Pearls is due to its thick nacre, often taking 2 or more years to develop. This thick nacre helps refract and reflect light which makes the Pearl appear to glow from the inside.

White Australian Pearl Pendant with Diamond



As Oysters are living creatures, the Pearls that they produce have their own unique surface. Just like a fingerprint, no two Pearls are the same.

The skin and complexion of our Pinctada Pearls are described by the following terms:

Flawless – The Pearl is absolutely clean

Excellent– The Pearl has a full clean face with minimal marks (less than 10% surface marks)

Very Good – The Pearl has minimal marks (less than 20% surface marks)

A crisp, clean reflection on the surface of a genuine Australian South Sea Pearl can also increase its Pearl grading

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