Regent Pearls is a family run business located in Broome, Western Australia.

Our company was established in 2011, with the goal of showcasing Australia’s magnificent Pearls. Regent Pearls is focused on providing the finest Australian Pearls and Pearl Jewellery direct to customers.

Our design philosophy is centred around the Pearl as the star attraction – simple, elegant, timeless and beautiful.

Regent Pearls is owned by three brothers and good mates; Andrew, Wes and Nick.

Andrew is a Marine Biologist by trade who has worked in the local and International Pearling Industry for over 15 years. He is an expert in Pearl cultivation, grading, sorting and other aspects of the industry. He personally inspects all of Regent Pearls’ stock to ensure consistency in grading and maintenance of our high standards.

Wes has also worked in the Pearl Industry for years in a variety of roles including management, production and sales. His knowledge of Pearls is exceptional and he works tirelessly to drive the business forward.

Nick is responsible for the administrative and management aspects of the business. His knowledge of Pearls is excellent and he is driven to constantly seek the finest Australian Pearls and Jewellery.

We use a highly experienced Broome based Jeweller to craft our handmade and custom designed pieces.

Our families live, work and support the local community in Broome. We buy local, support community groups, sporting teams, local charities and other worthy causes.

Photo of Regent Pearls Team

Regent Pearls Family

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