The length of your Pearl Strand is sometimes difficult to choose, so we’ve complied this “how to” guide

The Pearl community have their own terminology to describe the lengths of Strands

Here are some charts and photos to help you choose the perfect length Pearl Strand



Name Length Description
Collar 30-33 cm


A collar is usually a multi strand necklace which sits high around the neckline. It may be possible to double up a matinee length strand or by using a hidden joiner in other lengths
Choker 35-41 cm


The bottom of the choker length strand usually rests in or just below the hole in the collar bone
Princess 43-48 cm


This is arguably the most popular length strand. The bottom of the strand sits between the hole in the collar and the top of the sternum. See the photo below for a picture
Matinee 51-61 cm


A Matinee length strand is usually twice as long as a choker and the lowest Pearl rests near the bottom of the chest bone
Opera 71-91 cm


The Opera length strand is long enough that it can be worn as a single necklace or doubled up to be worn as a two strand choker
Rope + 94 cm

+ 37˝

These magnificently long strands can be doubled up for a two strand Princess, pinned with a clasp to compliment a backless dress or if fitted with hidden joiners can be broken down into several pieces
Model wearing two strand Pearl necklace

A two strand Pearl “Collar”

Model wearing baroque Pearl Strand

“Princess” is the most popular length for Pearl Strands

glamorous model wearing long pearl strand

A glamorous “Rope” Length Pearl Strand


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