What are Mabe Pearls?

Mabe Peals (pronounced Mah-Bay) are a unique and beautiful alternative to traditional Pearls.

Also known as blister or half Pearls, they grow on the inside of the Oyster’s shell.
The Pearls are then cut from the shell, filled and their backs sealed with a Mother of Pearl cap.
They are usually dome shaped with a flat back.

Australian Mabe PearlsAustralian Mabe Pearls

The traditional round shape is perfect for jewellery design, especially pendants as they can lay flat against the skin.
They are also available in a range of other shapes, colours and sizes to suit creative jewellery designers. They offer excellent value compared to full size Pearls and look beautiful.

Australian Mabe Pearls

Genuine Australian South Sea Mabe Pearls are becoming increasingly rare due to the high costs involved in their production.

Australian Mabe Pearls

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Australian Mabe Pearls